charlie and the chocolate factory

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 4.0 Stars

I liked it mainly for the direction, 2nd for the storyline, 3rd for the eyecandy, and 4th for the cast.

Tim Burton, as we all well know, is an eccentric fellow who’s had more than a normal imagination as a kid, and now has mixed the darker elements with those that are innocently childlike imaginings. In this particular movie, i really got a kick out of the direction, the simple staging, and of course the oddity of Willy Wonka. He seemed almost robotic, nonhuman, almost Edwardish Scissorhandish, with innocent intent and utterly so misunderstood, rich with a silent working past.

The storyline as we all know is a contest for 5 lucky children to be admitted to the very secretive and greatest chocolate factory. During the tour, the children’s true colors are revealed, and by the end, so is Willy Wonka’s true motive for the contest. It’s so childlike, so obvious, but one of those feel good movies because the child who wins in the end is obviously everyone’s favorite humble underdog who genuinely deserves more than the others.

The eye candy is wonderfun, candy everywhere. The factory is witty, and the characters themselves seem like plastic toys that can be eaten themselves, but that would be ‘canabalism’ like willy wonka had stated, and that wouldn’t taste so good. But c’mon, every Tim Burton movie is deceptively poetically disturbing in a good curious sort of way.

Lastly, the characters made sense. Of course the children who found the golden tickets would comprise of a fat kid who ate 100 chocolate bars a day, a rich girl who could buy that many bars, a competive girl who had to win at everything, a genius boy, and everyone’s favorite humble poor boy who deserved some financial intervention would get a ticket. It was a colorful cast, literally too.

Hats off Mr. Burton, and Johnny Depp…still handsomely clever as always.

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