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Bewitched Bewitched 2.5 Stars 2 minutes ago

although the sitcom was one of my childhood favorites, and this movie chose an enjoyable cast, i’d still have to give the movie mediocre reviews because it wasn’t really laugh out loud funny.

the character that nicole kidman played differentiated from the character of samantha stevens, which i believe was intentional, but that was what made me a little irked by her- her niavite and cliche innocence that lacked more complexity.

the movie also made things a little more confusing when they started bringing in old characters from the original sitcom like aunt clara and uncle arthur. although their roles were farcical, their portrayals were cheesy compared to the original actors. their roles just made it confusing.

i believe the only thing worth seeing was nicole kidman and will ferrell, two very charming actors…aside from them, the movie just did not suffice my expectations.

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