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Batman Begins Batman Begins 3.5 Stars

I’d have to say that the director has finally enough decency to deviate from the normal theatrical almost hilarious tone from the past Batman movies, and has finally given Batman the more serious persona that he should be given as a superhero.

Straying from all the flashy costumes, Batman and his enemies finally have a chance to be respected instead of seeming as if they have just escaped out of the Gotham circus troop. The characters have a little more plot realism, complicated economic motivation, although i didn’t believe all that “cleansing” mumbo jumbo…that was a little lame.

The casting of characters were also not that bad, although i did have to really work myself into believing that Katie Holmes was not Dawson Leary’s girlfriend anymore from the Creek…but a respected idealist…(although yes, that elvis thing she does still sometimes bothers me…).

The plot was more complicated, the characters with more development, and the overall theme was a bit darker…so I liked it…it had to be the best Batman so far, or maybe in a tie with Batman Returns.

ya. so score one for Batman.

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