Zenzele: Nozipo Maraire

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book, 4 stars

Zenzele : A Letter for My Daughterthis is told by first person, a Zimbabwean mother writing a letter to her daughter who is to study abroad in Harvard.

she tells her stories of people around her, each having specific lessons that will enrich and encourage her daughter while she is away from home.  she realizes that her daughter is of a different thread than she is, because she is very isolated within her comfort, but through her stories, we see that her mother is of a stronger thread, because she has gained insight from the people around her…esp. the way she learns about life, freedom, love, family, and education…hopefully all passed down to her daughter.  she retells stories from Zenzele’s grandmother, her rebellious sister who fights against colonization, people who left Zimbabwe, and her own struggles she’s endured.

it’s a story mainly about survival and hope…through love, through education, and through keeping one’s cultural integrity, because you were not born out of an isolated story, but born to continue history.  good emotional book.

i recommend this book to a lot of older siblings or parents who want to impart wisdom to someone who is younger and is at the commencement of leaving for something new.

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