Nectar in a Sieve: Kamala Markandaya

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 book, 3.5 stars

Nectar in a Sieve

published in 1954, this book noted the changing times in India after their independence from Britain’s colonization.  mainly, this was a story of a woman who married into a low strata, a man of agriculture, who rented a piece of land to till.  They eventually suffered great loss, in wealth, in family, and in health due to natural infertility of their land.  they lived through the changing society of agriculture to industry, from agricultural town to insensitive city industry. 

this book did only one thing for me, it taught me the importance of “hope”, because despite all misfortune, pain, and hardship, they wouldn’t have been able to endure anything and persevere if they didn’t have hope.  hope strung their days together, and glued their strength in each other. 

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