Le Petit Prince: Saint Exupery

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book, 5 stars

wow. i am a fan of this book.  i always recommend this book to all of my friends…at one point, i bought this book for all my suitemates, and there were lots of us living there…

the book succeeds because it conveys the universal importance of friendship.  it’s highly imaginative, yet pertains to certain truths about the silliness of humanity sometimes, that we need it to be pointed out through the eyes of innocence.

it was a very emotional book for me, and i’m proud to say that i am not alone.  one of the roomates i gave this to even cried as i did at one part of the book.

usually, this is recommended to children, but i believe they won’t fully comprehend its deepness, but it does serve to teach children the importance of imagination, and the priorities in life that are usually overlooked.  so if you’re 10, 16, 25, or 50+ do read the book…it even has pictures!

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