becoming madame mao: anchee min

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after reading Red Azalea, i quickly went to B&N and bought myself this copy to add to my Anchee Min collection.  I had grown more interest in the woman behind Min’s small character in Red Azalea, but one of the greatest roles in communist china when Mao ruled- Madame Mao.  She was commissioned to lead the cultural revolution when Mao’s political tactics had feigned and digressed.  she stimulated the youth of china to strictly follow the ideals of  Mao and become their “gestapo,” turning in everyone who was nonproletariat. 

This novel is based on real historical figures, but Min had to try to write in order to comply with history, even though she herself was not in an omnipotent viewpoint.  But she tried to capture the life and dynamics of this great female figure who had such raging passions equalling even her male counterparts.

The story reads very quickly enough, and captures interest easily, so, if you want a great book and want to know this woman, pick it up…good time…

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