“finish well”

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yesterday, for the very first time, i was able to meet my absolute favorite writer.

perze and i have really followed the publications of most of his books, to his recorded speaking engagements, and his organization which provides so many resources. and for personal reasons, his lectures have been, so many times, the shared interest between us, esp. during our dating period and the long car rides when we were engaged and newly married.

last night, without going into too much detail of my first in person experience, perze, genny, lei, and i were able to be richly blessed w/ hearing one of the most prominent apologists of our time. only a small handful of people i know know him, although i’ve mentioned him countless times to friends, and esp. on my xanga when i make responsive blogs to his articles.

this morning i couldn’t go back to sleep, so i decided to pick up his latest book. I couldn’t really get past the dedications page. honest.

“To Sarah, Naomi, and Nathan, our beloved children.
Three beautiful tapestries woven by God. Finish well, sweethearts.”

metaphorically, he calls them unfinished tapestries, lives with past and unfolding events that progressively unravel the beauty of God’s handiwork. it reminds me, and something i want to share to still young people, that you are an unifinished tapestry, still being woven by everyday events, big or mundane circumstances which will one day truly reflect your life. one day you will present yourself to God, with your designs and intricately unique thread paths. Although God is the weaver, who places these events in our lives to shape and make us, ravi also tells his children to “finish well.”

this suggests that there isn’t just the passive role to be woven, but the active roll of choosing. we make decisions with the things God gives in our lives, and we choose either to follow our will or his. we are reminded that we are involved with the making of our tapestries. with the beauty and precision that God weaves our lives, we are still reminded to finish well, and not just to merely “finish”.

this then suggests that need to define what “well” is, because most often times, this becomes very relative. it then opens the question of what the meaning of our lives are. what do we live for, that we would consider ‘well’? – getting a great job? living comfortably in our houses? finding a partner? in poorer countries, “well” can mean being able to feed your children and getting a great medical plan.

does ravi mean for his children to define their own “wellness”? i honestly don’t believe so. i believe to finish well, is to finish living the life that God ultimately actively weaves for us- and to live it according to his will…wellness is not a postmodern invention that hands us the deed to ourselves, but in fact allows us to hand the deed over to God.

i believe God has woven last night into my life for a specific reason…

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