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update: 2.2 years old:

45. hey, 46. yes, 47. sit, 48. i catch it!, 49. i’m gonna get you (i gotcha), 50. bubbles (bub-oh) 51. hong hong, 52. oh no!, 53. baby, 54. pucca (cooka), 55. i see!, 56. cake, 57. happy birthday! (happy day!), 58. hot, 59. me, 60. rain, 61. lost, 62. big, 63. tj, 64. eat, 65. up

  • she also refined some words like thank you (tik yoo)
  • she also knows how to pronounce all the letters of the alphabet.

from 2 years old:

1.mama, 2.tatay (tatat), 3.hi, 4.bye (die), 5.there it is (teye), 6.lolo (wowo), 7.lola (wowa), 8.ball (kay), 9.thank you (tayta), 10.bob, 11.carga (caga), 12.milk (meh), 13.poo poo, 14.head (had), 15.hug, 16.nose (owsz), 17.eye, 18.A, 19.two, 20.three (tee), 21.tooth, 22.ow, 23.owow (dog’s call), 24.meow, 25.moo, 26.hoohoo (owl’s call), 27.quack, 28.no, 29.where did it go (wergo?), 30.uh oh, 31.shoes, 32.emma, 33.yay, 34.hooray, 35.go, 36.hat, 37.boo, 38.tickle (teke), 39.hide, 40.what’s that? (wasat?), 41.help (hep), 42.hop, 43.balloon (booooo), 44.hello (heyo)

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