it’s all about ninja love

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so emma is obsessed with the korean cartoon character pucca (ninja love). she watches the show every day, requesting “cooka”.

so yesterday, we decided to take her to her first morning glory trip so we can buy her a pucca doll. in her excitement, she dissed the big pucca doll for the smaller garu doll (pucca’s boyfriend).

so we bought her the garu doll and a small pucca ornament for the car. during the car ride home, she kept making pucca kiss garu, which is what she typically does during the cartoon. (she’s an obsessive girlfriend). emma knows that that’s just what obsessive girlfriends do.

garu then accompanied us to mcdonalds, angrily eyeing emma as she drank her milk. ninjas do that you know. emma noticed his grumpy disposition and shared her milk. in his pride, he refused… ninjas…

i realize emma prolly loves pucca because her in-uteronickname was “ninja.”

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