my 28th bday

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my birthday was low key, but it’s been like that for a while after you turn 21…hahah…i’m really not one to throw myself parties, so if i ever do have one, it’s usually because someone set it up.  i’m also not much for being center of attention like that.

anyway, my bday celebration started w/ a dinner at Red Lobster with perze and zem. this is something i look forward to because this restaurant is definitely one of my favorites..hahah…


then saturday, we were @ sj with my family, and that night, we went to adelphia’s for dinner because i was craving their delicious crab cakes that i simply adore.  my mom & dad sweetly and lovingly paid for the expensive dinner.

it’s also probably very noteworthy that perze went to the doctor last friday and was diagnosed w/ extremely high cholesterol so the whole weekend, he was put on a very strict diet.  this meant he couldn’t eat all that he wanted to during my bday dinner. but we found some things for him to eat. i’m really proud of him for his discipline.


100_9415 we all then went shopping after dinner and my sister bought me une tres adorable bag with a huge red flower in the front.  plus, she found me cute nine west ballet flats for only $7. man…happy birthday!

saturday into sunday evening, perze and zem gave me their presents.  zem, with all her wisdom, gave me a cute lime ipod shuffle because she knows how much i struggle w/ organizing our video ipod.  it’s really convenient for me since it’s just my music, and it clips anywhere, which 100_9421 is good cuz i’m usually cleaning or walking, or exercising…etc. she even got it engraved, which is prolly the best part.  i was actually really surprised w/ this gift since i never asked for it or thought i really needed it because we have our video ipod, but i’m actually excited to use it. plus it reminds me of zem since we named her “zem apple.”  it’s engraved: “happy 28th mama. – love ya!” -zem 

hahaha…so cute.

perze got me a matching speaker pillow for my shuffle and this uber adorable winter bunny sweater that i’ve been desperately looking at. it’s perfect for winter…PERFECT. so i was sooooooo happy with my gifts, although again, we promised that we wouldn’t spend for presents this year.


it’s actually funny. i’m not like most girls who crave presents from their sigs.- girls who hint at tiffany bracelets/necklaces….etc…but it’s sweet that even though i tell perze not to get me anything, he can not, and i mean, he really can’t help himself. hahahaha…

sunday, i asked perze not to mention my bday at church, but it was sweet that the youth group remembered, prolly from facebook announcements. hahah. but afterwards, they came over for dinner and rog/lei bought a friendly’s ice cream cake. it was really sweet of them to come over and spend some time with me on my bday, esp. since it wasn’t planned.   emman even made me a facebook video…cracked me up! 

so i really appreciated all the greetings…it was a great bday and at the end of the day, i know how blessed i am. i really am, and i am genuinely thankful for God’s grace on my life, His love and sustaining power.  He is good and His love does endure forever.

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