Black Snake Moan

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Black Snake Moan Black Snake Moan 3.5 Stars 

surprisingly, i liked this movie, mainly because of all the symbolism, and it was such a unique psychological concept. there was such parallelism between the two main despondent characters who ended up forming this complex symbiotic relationship. …
also, the chain was a unique symbol which typically would connotate imprisonment, but it ended up representing freedom (also conveyed in the end when she had the wedding chain around her waist). she finally realized how to be free from what really supressed her- her memories of her abusive father.

granted, this is rated R, so there’s a lot of French in the movie- and birthday suits, and lots of the three letter word…so it’s not very palatable, but overall, the sentiment came out of all the dirty dross, almost resembling grace.

christina ricci has always been one of my secret favorite actresses, and samuel jackson delivers what he was meant to do in the movie. jt, however, seemed like he was a character from dawson’s creek…but good effort. 

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