best man and bridesmaid

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so we have the honor of being the best man and bridesmaid for our close friends rog & leila, as they become mr.&mrs. rabanillo next year on july 2008.

our love stories are pretty much intertwined since i’ve always considered rogie as a brother. we were friends first around 2001.  we became pretty close around 2002, when i met perze.  then perze brought leila who i befriended. then rog ended up courting her a little before perze started courting me. rog and i would always confide in each other during these times, and as the years passed, from the dating stages to their engagement, we’ve always kept close.  i’m really proud of how far they’ve come. so it’s only an honor to stand by my “adopted” brother and my friend.  so next year, the ababa family, along with my parents, and samsam, will be in the wedding party.

their engagement: two thousand seven, may 22
                                 lei’s mom’s death anniversary

their wedding: two thousand eight, july 12
                               south jersey bible church int. (where they met)
                               theme: papaya

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