Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  

the movie sucks you in, so i can only imagine how much better reading the book might compare. but although the beginning is vexingly dragging and mysterious for us non-readers, i’d have to say that the potter series just keep getting better and more …(read more)complex, although still retaining youthful themes of love and friendship (and unreliable hormones). striving to keep some comedic scenes to liven the darkening plots, the movie now appeals more to the more “sirius” viewers…hahaha…

but ya. really good, although a lot of my critical comments and jokes revolve around the limited spells that they’ve learned over the years at hogwarts…and almost cliche moments, and of course, harry’s first hormonal induced lip-locking w/ the asian girl.

but it was so entertaining (and questionably odd at times)…

typical aside comment during the movie:
“voldemort will never have something that you have harry potter…”


a full head of hair?
a righteous tan?
an elevated nose?
a colorful wardrobe?


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