pains of toddler-hood

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so we’ve started using these because zem’s two now and we want her off the bottle soon to preserve her tiny marchesa-esque teeth.

AVENT MagicTM Cup with Toddler Spout (9oz/260ml)


  • Toddler Spout for the older child
  • Available in single and twin packs
  • With and without easy-hold handles

at first, we she audibly rebelled, faking tiny sips.  it’s so hard to get them to understand some motions, esp. zem because she knew how to drink from a cup even before her first bday.  so she thought she had to take sips with anything except her familiar beloved bottles. but she learns quickly, this child of mine.  she learned in one day because i wouldn’t budge in giving her the bottle.  so now, she’s pretty comfortable with it.

we’ll see how she handles it during night time.

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