prince of peace

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23432279.jpgi’ll post my devotion for this week.

there’s this lyric from a song i’ve been hearing on the radio every morning:

“Hold me Jesus
cuz i’m shaking like a leaf.
you were then king of my glory.
will you be my prince of peace?”

i know you guys don’t really get to see my depressing side…my sad moods, but when i was younger, i used to get depressed a lot. i really considered myself as a loner although i did have close friends. and these days, i still have bouts of sadness, moments when i just feel helpless and tired of everything, but this song reminds us that it’s ok to feel like that sometimes because God steps in and takes us with His might and just holds us. just like 1 pet. 5:7, we can cast all our burdens to Him, not just because he CAN handle it, but because he truly cares for us. his affection for us assures us that He’s not just the king of glory, with the power to move obstacles gloriously, but he’s also the prince of peace, with the tenderness to heal and comfort, to give us peace when life throws us around…

i love that our God can be both. i love that He has all the might and power of a king, yet all the tenderness of a Father. His love encompasses all…and I REALLY love Him for that.

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