a quirky wedding

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i’ll be blogging regularly about weddings since i’m a bridesmaid for next year, and everyone knows, the bridesmaid loves to do a little digging of her own to help the bride.  and maybe one year, perze and i will be able to renew our vows and share our story with those we cherish, so it’s good to take notes and make these online bookmarks.

so one of the creators of Blogger got married, and had a lavish event filled with classy eye candy and quirky details that i really appreciate in a wedding.  i’m definitely one for quirky and unconventional weddings, without having to compromise tradition as well.

so above is the wedding of Ev and Sara.  Her dress is Vera Wang, especially altered for her, with all the delicious appliques that is to die for!  as you can see in the first picture, they played rock, scissors, paper to see who’d recite their vows first, which is pretty entertaining between the typical program.

and there’s their cake topper.  i would have liked to see more of their pictures, but this is all i could recover without having to cntrl+prntscrn.

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