honoring a friend

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i’ve been asked to be an emcee for one of my closest friend’s wedding!

at first i was hesitant because i wouldn’t want to ruin their special reception, but after hearing that i’ll be emceeing with another good friend, having the opportunity to really give tribute to two such good friends, i couldn’t give it up.  i can’t imagine not having my friendship with rogie.  he’s seriously been there for me for so many of my toughest moments, and some of my most wonderful moments. 

from heartbreak to heartbuild. he was the one who really encouraged me to consider perze while we were still friends, and he was the one who really listened to all the train routes of thinking in my head during that time, and even the time afterwards.  he was the one who partnered with me, having the same heart for the youth and for people around us…

throughout my life, i’ve always had really close guy friends…i mean, even closer than my girl friends, because they’ve been there for me.  they’ve been there to really listen instead of talk about themselves.  and i’ve been really blessed to have those handful of guys throughout my life to have helped me in every season. but rogie was the one who stuck it out with me as the seasons passed on and on.  i could always be honest with him without it having to ruin our friendship. instead it built it.  and he’s been an encouragement to me, enriched me, and was just as selfless.  i also hardly go to people to confide personal problems, so very few people i could trust when something’s wrong, but i’m glad that he’s been there a lot to see me through things, sometimes going the extra mile.

so it’s really my pleasure to honor him at his special day. even though perze’s going to be his best man, i’ll be right there to give just as much honor.

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