wildwood weekend: july 25-29 2007

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yay. i was able to upload all the pictures from last weekend, from our family shore trip @ wildwood. i didn’t include ALL the pictures, for, of course, digital photography allows you to take so many pictures of the same thing.  so i chose which pictures to upload. 

imagethis album is from our camera, my brother’s digital slr, and the ng’s digi as well. (click on pic)

it was a nice time, relaxing. but i must admit, i’m starting to realize that there are two types of vacations:

1. the one where you really go to rest and relax and take things easy

2. the one where you look through every pamphlet to experience everything all at once.

the difficulty with the first one is that you miss out on experience, but the latter leaves  you more tired than when you first came to the vacation.

but i’ve come to conclude that if you go with a bunch of people to a vacation, you need to respect each other on how they’d rather spend it.  after all, it is their time away from work.  it is their money spent. so there should be a nice balance of both.  but also, you can’t control people from vacationing your way. 

anyways, it was a good time with the family and the kids. emma was recovering from an ear infection so she was a bit crabby and clingy, and somewhat hesitant from swimming.  she’s grown to fear many things since she turned two.  but overall, she had a fun time playing around.

i’ve also come to distrust boardwalk food.  the service is just as bad as fast food drive through service, but tastes even more so mediocre.  thank the Lord for my parents who cooked lechon kawali, pancit, and crabs that my brother bought from VA.

i’ve also come to appreciate the new jersey shores more too.  i mean, how many other states can you live in, without having to travel more than an hour to the shore?  thank you God for new jersey.  it’s one more reason why i’d name one of my daughters ‘jersey’.

here’s some of my favorite photos:


  image image

image  image






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