sanctification / justification

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taken from march 16, 2006

  i know i’ve blogged of this often, but this quote rightly says it so:J. C. RyleGod has married together justification and sanctification. They are distinct and different things beyond question, but one is never found without the other. All justified people are sanctified, and all sanctified are justified. What God has joined together let no man dare put asunder. Tell me not of your justification, unless you have also some marks of sanctification. Boast not of Christ’s work for you, unless you can show us the Spirit’s work in you. Think not that Christ and the Spirit can ever be powerful…

with so much emphasis on God the Father and God the Son, it’s no wonder we lose wonder on God the Spirit. what is this role?

triune deity means three equal faces of God, not one with more power over another. one cannot function in isolation, but everything that the father, son and spirit does is always intertwined, always with the intention and consideration of the other. it is not exercise, but it is the nature of God. and all that the Father does, the Son and the Spirit works to glorify Himself.

the problem is within us.

sometimes we try to isolate God’s distinct characteristics as if He was a heterogeneous mixture that we can easily pull apart for our own benefit. Like the quote, we easily claim Christ living in us yet not living in the Spirit. how does this work? how do we make peace with a lifestyle as this?

in personal experiences, my toughest struggle sometimes is to love. esp. loving those that may not reciprocate “love.” but i’m always reminded, how can i say and boast of being loved by Christ and yet not love others? I’m taking the Spirit out of the equation by refusing renovation in my heart, and in living my faith through love.

another example i’ll take from my husband’s great vault of funny stories, and which i hope he doesn’t get mad at me for “sharing.” In his youthful days in Japan, he would try to expand the Kingdom to his friends. Now this is all well and good that he would boast Christ, but he failed to show the Spirit’s work in him when he’d witness while being intoxicated with alcohol.

logic does not work when you pick and choose from the equation which is God.

we were justified when Christ died for us, sanctifed from our sins. Jesus said, i will take his/her place. Then He made us clean.

we cannot live saying we have accepted a life with christ having died for us, and still continue living a contradicting lifestyle without fruit of the spirit. we cannot say that Christ’s power is in us and fail to show how that power has manifested through our actions. it’s a mockery to tell the world one thing and then show them how inaffective the Spirit is.

if you find yourself calloused and indifferent, obstinate to the Spirit’s calling and molding, always go back to the cross. Those that genuinely seek and understand what Christ has done on the cross cannot be the same.

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