Words she can say at 2 years old

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1.mama, 2.tatay (tatat), 3.hi, 4.bye (die), 5.there it is (teye), 6.lolo (wowo), 7.lola (wowa), 8.ball (kay), 9.thank you (tayta), 10.bob, 11.carga (caga), 12.milk (meh), 13.poo poo, 14.head (had), 15.hug, 16.nose (owsz), 17.eye, 18.A, 19.two, 20.three (tee), 21.tooth, 22.ow, 23.owow (dog’s call), 24.meow, 25.moo, 26.hoohoo (owl’s call), 27.quack, 28.no, 29.where did it go (wergo?), 30.uh oh, 31.shoes, 32.emma, 33.yay, 34.hooray, 35.go, 36.hat, 37.boo, 38.tickle (teke), 39.hide, 40.what’s that? (wasat?), 41.help (hep), 42.hop, 43.balloon (booooo), 44.hello (heyo)

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