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There was this one particular day that I remember. It was just like any other day. It was particularly a sunday. I woke up pretty early to go to haverford and prepare for that day’s morning worship. I was looking forward to an event later in the day.

That afternoon, I accepted an invitation to visit another church and attend some sort of a praise and worship event.

That’s when I met her. She wore jeans and a white blouse. She came over and introduced herself and left right away because she still needs to practice. After the event, everybody went downstairs for some refreshments. I ended up talking to her. It was your regular Hi’s and Hello’s. Out of the blue, I decided to show off and told her, “hey, you wanna listen to my song?” She replied yes and did something that threw me off the wall. She told everybody in that room that I am singing my song and asked everyone if they want to hear it.

Great. Just Great.

Well, the cat is out of the bag so all I could do is wail and scream like any cat would when surrounded by a pack of dogs … in a form of a song of course.

After my song everyone else jumped and sang their song. When it came for her to sing her song, I was dumbfounded. It was the saddest most beautiful song in the world. It was saying that goodbye’s are not the end of things. My melancho-phlegmatic nature got so excited to a point where that song kept playing over and over on my head.

I can probably say that from that moment I just can’t stop thinking about her.

Days passed, turning into weeks and months. We’ve seen each other more and more. A movie here, a cup of clam chowder there, roller blading, volleyball, song writing, long drives, 10 mile walks, yada yada.

The turning point was when I had to go away for three weeks. I went home, and I plainly told everyone that … yeah I have a girlfriend and she is so cool, pretty and I’m going marry her. Well all of it was true except for the girlfriend part. Three weeks passed and there wasn’t a day that I longed for her. Ever heard of the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder?” . I felt something like that … only … on crack. I suddenly realized that I’ve fallen for her and if I don’t tell her how I felt, I’d implode. So I did just that. I told her that I loved her.

I got back from my trip on sunday met up with her and a bunch of friends I really wanted to tell her how I felt but I wanted it to be special. So I told her that I loved her when we were on our way to Boston Market to get our lunch. I was planning a sort of shock and awe approach, got the shock part pretty well and kinda faltered in the awe department.

The 19th of this month marks our 3rd year of marriage. We’ve gone through a lot. In between the 3 moves, 2 job changes, and 1 baby, I love her more each day.

Happy Anniversary mahal.

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