mother’s day 2007

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i count my year of pregnancy, so this year made it my third mother’s day. 

i don’t know  how my own mom feels during mother’s day, since she’s a veteran to the day, but for my sister and i, it’s a sweet exciting and proud day.  standing with the other moms/wives in church when they call you up for recognition is a proud moment for me- one, because i get to stand next to great mothers who have really shown their love and sacrifice through so many years, and two, because i love being a mom to my daughter and a wife to the one i love.  i’m up there, happy, because i really love my family.

so last week, i approached a table where there were men from our church, talking about cars and heave-ho manly stuff, so they were a little baffled as to why i decided to join their table.  i reminded them that the next week would be mother’s day, and so they promised that they would prepare something for that week.  little did i know that they went to perze for ideas.  knowing my husband, he’d do something- one, simple & two, chaotic.

so last sunday, as the men, after five minutes of chaotic shuffling and organizing, they formed a line, with their backs to the audience.  as perze counted to three, the men turned around, with letters in their hands spelling out “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY”.  added to the major cheese factor, they topped it with a song from the seventies, “Love Is a Many Splendored Thing.”  Hoping that wasn’t my husband’s idea, i shook my head “no” from the horror of cheese flying about in the sanctuary….i mean, cheetos, kraft cheese in a can, velveeta, poly-o, and even easy cheese.

Mother’s Day 2007

but it got a good laugh, so it got some pogi points.

anyway, i do want to thank my mom and nanay.  they are two women that i can honesty say i admire and truly appreciate.  they’ve been so sacrificial and are examples of unconditional love and support.  even my nanay, who i haven’t met in person yet but have gotten to know through talking, is an exceptional mother of 5 kids.  i’ve seen how perze’s turned out, and how much he loves her, and i know that the values she’s instilled on her children are similar to the values that my mom has taught us.  also, being a new mom myself, i can understand better how parents feel, the protection they strive to control so that they’re children won’t get hurt, and the hope they have so their children will have a good life.  even with the young believers, i have a better perspective when we talk about their relationship with their parents.  or when they come to me for advice, i’m able to see it through a parent’s perspective, and help them to see it through their eyes.  because i know how it feels, personally…never wishing hurt on my own daughter…and hoping that when the time comes, i’ll be able to have a good relationship with her.

but during mother’s day or the whole month, i want to give a shout out to all the moms out there who strive to care and love their families, and put them before herself.  hats off to you ladies. you deserve so much….to my own mom, nanay, my sister, and to all my friends who are babymamas. God bless you ladies.  The hardest job on earth is to love and raise a child- to train them and protect them, and then to have faith when you need to let them go.

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