a bridesmaid, a groomsman, & a flower girl…

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i’m fixing up my marchesa xanga cuz it started looking like cobwebs were forming around the corners. so with my digital walis, i decided to clean up and throw away, rearrange and add new stuff.  i like keeping my marchesa site updated once in a while because it’s usually a journal place where i can write more of what i’m thinking rather than what i’m doing.  and since very few visit this site, i’m more willing to be honest and pensive about anything and nothing.

recently, i’ve been asked by a friend to be a bridesmaid for next year.  i was quite a bit surprised because i’m not as close to lei than i am to rog, but i think it’s cuz we hardly had anything to relate with each other, but we’ve been good friends ever since we met because my relationship with perze was intertwined with rog & lei.  it’s actually funny because in 2002, rog and i got close cuz we were working with the youth. then that summer, i met perze who ended up bringing his friend lei to BASIC.  to make the long story short, after some funny drama, rog ended up courting lei faster than perze courted me.  all the while, while we were all single and friends, i’d share to rogie about perze and rogie shared to me about lei- all the while- perze and lei liked us…ever since that year, we’ve been friends, esp. through hard times…and perze and i have always tried to be there for them when they had relationship problems- and even to their engagement…so i was pretty much very honored to be asked to be a bridesmaid, esp. since there’s only 4 other ladies in her party. it’s a perfect number of people in the wedding party since you don’t want too many people up on stage or in the party table. it would look too cluttered and leads to potential chaos.

so since i’m one of her bridesmaids, i’ve been helping her out looking for dresses, wedding online sites, receptions, ideas, and giving her some feedback or help…since it’s hard enough being the bride…it’s really the duty of her bridesmaids to help her out…and i’m one for giving, esp. when you’ve really been there for me when i’ve needed them- and rogie definitely has been there for me, perze, and my family.  and since lei gave me that honor, i want to help her and rog have a really happy wedding.  besides, i’m really appreciative of their humilty…they’re not the type to boast or draw attention to themselves, to be flashy or proud, so i know how much they deserve a memorable day- for their love and relationship to be celebrated as well…they’ve really taken their time.

this year, we’re going to 2 weddings.  next year, 4. crazy…plus, next year at rog&lei’s, not only will i be a bridesmaid, but perze is a groomsmen and zem a flower girl…so we’re pretty involved with this couple…from the start…

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