1 month shy of 2 years!

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i can’t believe it. i really can’t.  she understands so much for a 2 year old, or maybe i’m just very inexperienced with toddlerhood as i am with Nasguls.  i’m such a proud mother…because i love having her as my daughter. i am sincerely a happy woman…if you can strip my life down, i’m happy because of love- love from my family, love from my husband, and love from my daughter.

today, as we were playing on the bed, she stretched out her hands to hold my head so she could kiss my forehead.  then she held out her hands again to hold my cheeks so she could kiss my lips.  then once more, she held out her hands so she could hug me.  man, that warms my heart…she’s so loving.  it makes me wonder what, in her tiny cerebral cortex, would want to kiss me, and not just once, but thrice.

she’s saying more words now, even two word sentences- or phrases…i can’t wait til she can talk so i can hear her voice more, and we can have conversations about important things like how lint is made, or why her shampoo bottle floats on water.

these days, aside from watching her favorite shows like Charlie and Lola and Veggietales, we read books or look at books with pictures so she learns new words.  i’m also trying to get her to learn all her shapes, and her 123’s and ABC’s…so far, she’s got 2,3, A, triangle, and circle down…so she has selective learning, maybe because 2 and 3 aesthetically looks more memorable than a 1 or a 4, and a triangle more than a circle.  she also knows all her animal sounds- even the gecko and elephant.  soon, she’ll be able to master the sound that a dinosaur makes, specifically a Brontosaurus.  that may come in handy at the playgrounds when some kid may condescendingly growl at her like a Pachycephalosaurus.

she’s also not very fearful of things- except probably the alligator.  although i think this fear was bred because of my scary prolonged intonation of “alligator” and not so much of how it looks.  kids are very intuitive with sounds you know.  they’d be afraid of lint if you routinely sound frightened and furrow your brow with suspicion.

what else can mention?

oh! and a new thing, she sings so much now- with all her shows, with the tv, and even when you sing her favorite songs.  she doesn’t sing the words, but she definitely has the timing exact.  it really shows that she has great memory…even with knowing what objects are.  if you introduce a new word to her, she’ll remember it.  but yep. my girl’s a singer and dancer.

next month, it’s her birthday and i’ll again say goodbye to another phase of her life- she is officially a toddler…time always gets me sad…i think after i got married, i saw exactly all the things i can never live without…and my daughter is one of them.

i understand now why parents cling so hard to their children…it is something children cannot yet understand, like floating shampoo bottles.

that’s her above: ready for the pool.
here’s more of my favorite pix.

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