Zem on 21

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 she’s 21 months old.

she grew her first beauty mark.  i never knew if those came once a baby was born, but she taught me well. 

God kissed her and gave her a beauty mark.

She also loves to try to talk, expanding her phonetic ability.  She also tries to sing with her cartoons, like ‘yip yip yip’ on the Backyardigans, or the theme to Charlie and Lola. 

She’s very loving and so giving when it comes to other children, esp. with Samsam, her cousin.  She gives him the toys she’s holding, and hugs and kisses him. 

Last week, we had to return our 2 week old laptop because it just won’t turn on. Two days ago, i walked into her room to find tortilla chips all over the room.

But she’s so beautiful…i love her.  she’s intelligent, humorous, clever, and absolutely adorable.

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