Fun with Dick and Jane

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This movie was all for comedic purposes.  You’d have to put your morals on the coffeetable before you watch this, mainly some commandmenFun with Dick and Janets like not stealing and coveting.  Did i miss some  

I’m not a big fan of Jim Carrey, but this was bearable. I’m even more an un-fan of Tea Leoni, but they made it work.  The story was a little cheesy and uncomplicated, with an easy happy ending.

So i’ll sum it up. Man has big job. Man becomes front man of a plummetting company.  Man loses job, money, material possessions.  Man hits rock bottom w/ wife, gets caught by the INS and gets deported.  Man decides to start robbing society, and wife gets involved to survive the impending bills.  In the end, they get the big bad business head honcho and saves the unemployed. 

Funny moments:  seeing him sneak back into america with ten mexicans in one tiny yellow beat up car.

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