Golden Globes 2007

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this is pretty late, but i wanted to show the fashion of this year’s golden globes, with my personal favorites for best dressed to worst. so let’s go to my favorite picks:

HFPA07_3639 011507_diazt_200x400

my two favorite is reese witherspoon in nina ricci and cameron diaz in valentino.  i know that many of the critics didn’t fancy cameron’s pick, but i loved its flirty shapes, esp. the one shoulder frill.  I also loved how she called out the white by wearing bright red lipstick and dramatic black hair…that looks beautiful with her pale blue eyes…the dramatic contrast just accentuates her eyes more, plus, her coif matches the black bow on her dress.  i thought it was great.  it’s ironic how the two women who had recent break ups were the ones that looked the best that night.

let’s get to my worst dressed. oh dear lord were they bad!

293_salma_hayek_011507 293_jennifer_love_hewitt

selma and jennifer looked extremely busty, and somewhat out of the fashion trend of 2000.  selma looks as if someone put blankets together and jennifer looks like a prom date gone wrong.  i mean look at that skirt…it looks like a trash bag…admit it.  but i’ve saved the worst three women below:

293_knowles_beyonce_011507 GG_Olsens

beyonce’s picture above isn’t the worst picture showcasing her dress.  she was also pictured doing a distasteful pose, two of them that showed how ego-driven ego-bloated she presents herself.  so much for humility.  we’ve seen her in many dresses like the one above, what’s new?  personally, i don’t see her as a fashion icon in the music genre…her fashion’s pretty tacky.  then there’s the olsen twins, who i use to really appreciate before…i once thought they were fashion pioneers, but this picture just shows how far they’ve sunk.  Both dresses look like they’ve been swallowed whole by bad dresses, esp. mary kate (left)…with the tacky fur and champage dress that matches her skin.  and their make up and complexion looks reminiscent of the elizabethan period when women would cake up their faces in white, with bright red lipstick.  gross…she looks sick and ghostly.

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