zem at 18 months

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so i promised i’d blog about emma.

she’s 18months old now, and finished her vaccinations this week. everyone in the doctor’s office always comment on how big she’s gotten, and although on the skinny side, she’s developing well and healthy.

her favorite word to say is probably “uh-oh” which is not technically a word, but a phrase she uses often because she’s an uh-oh kind of girl. she’ll drop things to say uh-oh, drop things on top of dropped things for double uh-oh, and basically poop to say uh-oh…i’m exaggerating, but she does indeed love that phrase. ok, so my girl is into technology; she knows that our computer has her favorite shows, so when one of her recorded shows finish playing, she says “uh-oh” and waits a while for us to change the show, but sometimes, we can be out of the room, or moving at a slug’s pace so, she takes the remote and does it herself. Yes, she knows how to work a remote, how to turn the tv on, play her personal dvd player, AND operate my mom’s Roomba. For Christmas, we got my mom a roomba and well, emma’s curiosity led her to push a few buttons, so now, whenever we tell her to “press play” on the Roomba, she does, and voila- the room is clean.

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during the holidays, she learned how to say “lolo.” But this is no ordinary word; she adds this ever so endearing inflection which makes everyone go “awe,” because it just sounds so longing and loving. Every other word she utters is more curt, direct, and choppy, like a jet lee or bruce lee fighting scene. Her lolo is more like the jackie chan movies…anways, her vocabulary is expanding quickly, with words understood rather than spoken, but she responds very well to what we say or request. She even knows how to differentiate between a kiss and a long kiss, and to sit or sit like a lady.

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my daughter is also very fashion conscious. i’m liking this because sometimes she’s more like her dad in her hobbies, but fashion is one of mine. only with a year.5 under her belt, she can sometimes have the opinion of a teenage drama queen. for example, i like hats in the winter, so she has a number of hats, since she wears them every time we go out. having her normal Roots hat on, we went shopping one day, and happenstanced to see other hats to sale. So i took a few and brought her to the mirror so she can see what she looked like, instead of being coerced to just have hats thrown on her head. Every hat i put on her, she gave an unmerciful look and threw it off her head with a confident “no” head-shake. We did this for five hats. Finally, i put her original Roots hat back on, and what do you know…she looked at me through the mirror and gave me a sly smile, allowing me to keep it on her head.

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these days, she’s learning her ABC’s and 123’s, not all of it, just those six for now. We want her to start knowing how to identity numbers and letters, and how to incorporate them in simple things like 3 grapes, or 2 monsters under the bed…stuff like that…practical things. Right now, she can count to 3, but the only words indentifiable are two and three…every time she jumps up, she counts to three, then gives it a go.

she’s also going to sleep easier. before, she use to be so adamant in setting her own sleeping schedules, but after some discipline and more understanding to what sleep is, she’s more accepting of curfews. most times, we can tell her to get into her bed, close her eyes, and go to sleep, and she’d usually comply. of course she’d pretend sleep for a short while, but she tires out. She IS dealing with a 27 year old who’s quite an expert with tricks like “the palo.”

but what i NEVER knew before, even though i LOVED kids even before having my own, is that babies can be so smart…really…honestly, they are so much smarter than people give them credit for. In just a year or so, they can start understanding language through phonetic patterns or body/facial language. They learn how to manuever their body and problem solve their way out of their crib, and even problem-make themselves by climbing onto the kitchen table. And the most amazing thing they pick up on, that you can’t verbally explain in one sitting, but only through time and experience, is LOVE. it’s remarkable how a baby can learn to love, how they show love through fedelity, affection, forgiveness, and company.

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she’s getting bigger…soon, i’ll be blogging cuz she’s 2…but i’m thankful…i know how much the youth know how i dote on my daughter, but it’s true…i love being a mom…i think it’s the craziest role i’ve been given…and to be quite frank, i’m excited for another child; not that we’re expecting or trying, so don’t go spreading rumors…but when that stage of life comes, it’ll be exciting. i’m still young, and can complete my goals in life without having to rush. everything has its seasons, but i do love being a young mom…

Zem and Wa-Wa

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