happy 2007!

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we’re finally back home from a very long week of holidays and events.  it’s good to be home as it is sad to leave sj.  when we got home last night, we decided to just rest after all the packing and unpacking, and just minutes ago, i’ve finished unpacking and cleaning our place so i could feel sane and not so tense.  emma was sweet enough to occupy herself while i went from room to room putting things away.  it’s tough keeping your home clean, esp. if you have kids (husbands included).  but one thing i learned prelabor is that i can’t be supermom, so sometimes i need to stop trying too hard to get everything done at once.

new year’s eve was nice.  after church, we had youth bible study and learned more about Paul and his encrouagement to Timothy.  it’s also proudly noted that the eagles won their division, won their sunday game against the falcons, and will be in the playoffs.  they’re playing the giants this week, so i’m a bit hesitant to say we’ll win, but seeing as to what they’ve accomplished with Garcia, there’s a possibility to push forward.  in the evening, we ended up going to the Labor’s house to celebrate a death anniversary bible service as well as celebrate new years.  it ended up being really fun for our family since perze and i got to talk to some adults there, as well as the bation kids.  AND emma found herself a playmate who was only 5 days older than her, so they really hit it off.  they ran and chased each other all over the house the whole night, then chased all the older kids, screaming and smiling…so i was really glad emma got to play with other people, since sometimes she’s so shy in public.

before it turned 12am, we headed back home to spend the last few minutes with our family.  so we turned on the tv to watch the ball drop, opened the sparklin cider, and joined the cacophony outside where people congregated to shout new year’s woooots and whathaveyous…even emma banged on a pan to contribute to the noise, screaming to the phone to call her lola who was at work, and just feeling the excitement of the night.  it was great.  man, 2007’s here…i’m looking forward to it…really…cuz i know what’s in store…they’re peeking flirtateously at me and i’m playing hard to get, but i kinda know some things to expect, and those that are unexpected?…well, hopefully i’m ready…

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and a special new year’s treat:

My First Dance of 2007

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