things she can say

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at sixteen months, she knows how to count to three.  granted, she might not know they’re numbers, but she does know they follow each other.  she usually counts before she wants to run or jump.  but if ask her to count, she knows you’re asking for one, two, three.  i think she learned this because she loves when i read her favorite book that has counting numbers. whenever she sees the numbers, she tries to count them, even if it’s 5, it’ll be either one, two, or three.  but i’m still amazed nonetheless. oh, and if she sees a book or paper with writing in it, she tries to read it, knowing that the signs are connected to speech.

when she sees a phone, she picks it up, dials any numbers and says, “hello lola.”  she talks into phones, esp. to her grandparents on both sides.  the conversations go a bit like this:

“hello lola/lolo. *sing* later. ba-bye”

she also knows:
thank you. tatay. mama. uh oh. bob.

in addition, she knows certain sounds that corresponds to certain animals.  when i say duck, she responds “kak-kak.”  when i say dog, she says, “ow.”  when i say cat, she says, “mao.”

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