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This past week took a huge step towards the future when it comes to mobile applications … for my world at least because Google ported another awesome application to the denizens of the mobile world. I’m going to highlight some apps that I can’t live without (or better known as .. Apps that make my wife hate me because I end up fiddling with my phone too much).

Applications:(Palm OS and Java based)

  • Mobile GMail – Google Mail at the "palm" of your hand. ( Background music: Whenever, Wherever by Shakira). Nuff said.
  • Google Maps for Mobile – This is the second time I mentioned this in my blogs. This app still rocks the boat! Looking for a Slovakian diner in Midtown Manhattan after realizing you lost your map?
  • Opera Mini – Better alternative than the sucky Blazer browser by Palm. I just wish there was a way to turn css off so there’s more reading than loading.
  • uBlog – Free blog application that I can use and it works with most blogs that support XML-RPC (WordPress, Movabletype,Blogger, Livejournal, etc). Sorry Xangans this is not for you. One cool way that I use this app is that I can take a picture of something in my treo and blog about it right away.
  • Pocket Tunes – An alternative media player for your palm. Can stream Internet Radio! Joe the Mango on the road in America? Pocket Tunes makes all that possible. Dear Joe ….


  • Java Mobile Edition – A life saver. Giving you the ability to use Mobile Java Applications in the Palm OS platform. Most cellphones use this as an application manager. A related application can also convert .jar’s and ,jad’s to .prc’s. How cool is that?!?

Other Stuff:

  • – This is not an application. Its a configuration change to your router or client machine that would enable you to speed up Domain Name Server Resolution. I use this both at home and my Treo. No more looking up wait time for me on the road. this makes all the above application much much better.

Disclaimer: you need an unlimited data plan for all these apps.

This is your friday geek reporting. Enjoy your weekend.

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