Paul & Joe @ TARGET

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As I wrote on my previous blog about Paul & Joe, they eventually came to America…and of all places, to TARGET.

Of course, I was stunned, and ecstatic, and they have really given good clothes to the masses.  My favorite, of course, are their vintage pieces, like their wool items- the miniskirt and golden blazer.  Look at the lining of that blazer…ballerinas.


Then there are the bottoms, and like that owl icon, i had to play favorites with the skinny jeans that had the ever so popular owl stitching.  I think what makes the owl so popular is its vintage feel, and her skinny owl jeans are described Vintage Wash.  There are two owls in the back just making your bum wise.  I tired on the skinny jeans, and wow, they fit snugly, and look fabulous.  Then of course are the skirts, but my favorite is the mini owl denim.  They just look right.  I’m really in love with the owl denims.  The first pair of jeans are my favorite.  Can you believe that skirt went down to $6 on clearance?!  And the owl jeans, i’ve been selling on ebay, which goes as high as $48 selling sometimes. The pictures say it all.


And you complete it with the P&J Accessories: the wristlet, the brooch pin, and the giant tote bag (that’s selling for over $50 on ebay because it’s sold out and a hot item). Most of their stuff at target are sold out, and I’m not sure whether they’ll continue to work with them, but for now, looks like the merchandise is scarse.


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