before she turns 16 months

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(written oct 26) zem’s taking her first nap of the day, so i get some blogging time to write about her.

i love how affectionate and happy she is.  she just LOVES to play, and more importantly, she loves to play with you.  she’s all smiles and laughter when you give her your undivided attention.  i love how she can understand so much of what you say, what you want her to do or learn.  i never knew that babies within their first couple of years could attain such knowledge, but they really pick up language very quickly after their first year.  she can respond to multiple commands, questions, requests. 

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sometimes, we’ll be together playing and we’ll stop and she would just look at me for a very quick while, and smile…and it’s then when i really wonder what she’s thinking of me. she’s never afraid of how i look, even when i’m disheveled, or make contorted faces that would scare myself and insecurities. she just shows love and genuine gratefulness for my attention.  sometimes, she’ll even hug me out of the blue and press her lips to kiss me…out of the blue, and it makes me wonder why she wanted to do that.

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sometimes, before bedtime, she makes sure i’m near her, before she closes her eyes, silently asking me to not to leave.  and when her eyes are finally closed, right before she’s truly asleep, she holds my hand to assure my presence. 

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sometimes, she’ll do something wrong, and as i stare at her with a stern face, she’ll try to avoid looking at me as if she’s ashamed.  during extreme times, she’ll cry for a little while, and then will always be the first to let down her pride and come up to me, hug me, kiss me, and put her head on my shoulder, as if to say her apologies.  really…she does that…babies are amazing. and once that hug is given, she’s back to smiling at me.  their forgiveness is amazing.

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there’s too much for me to list, but i wanted to write it all down before she grows up and hardly wants to play with me, or wants to sleep in a separate room, or when it’s easier to be prideful, or when it’s harder to forgive me.

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