crazy idea for blogs

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identity theft, stalkers, spammers and what-not are just a few of the reasons why this idea is somewhat relevant.

I was thinking of charging people if they want to read any blog entry that’s a month old and older, they should pay for premium access. this idea is not original and is being used by countless newspapers that are on the web.

I’m not being a jerk here but something like that should deter these crazy spammers and wannabe posers to think twice bwfore they go and read about my life.

Aside from that main requirement I should be able to grant full access to anyone at anytime. Or maybe give away coupons and what-not.

This is a double-edged sword. one, it will deter so called “undesirables” from looking into the site and two, it will force me to write better since someone is actually paying me for what I write.

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