an unlikely early phonecall

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i was groggy this morning when i received a phone call around 9am.  naturally, i thought it was perze but it ended up being ate tess.  with my morning voice, we discussed the anniversary projects and how some things can be feasible and more efficient with the presentations.  then we ended up talking for a good hour sharing struggles in the ministry. 

i was really taken aback from her trust in me in sharing some personal things she’s lately experienced, also because it may have related to what i shared as well.  but what i really admired, aside from her honesty in being human, is her personality to not let it get to her…hahahah…she’s so professional as well as reasonable.  she doesn’t respond or react instantaneously with mere visceral emotions.  we had shared what we had felt and observed from both sides, knowing that God is building his people, and people not building their kingdoms.

i really appreciate her sound words.  it has really affirmed what i’ve been feeling and praying about, and cofirming what i feel God telling me. 

not to mention her words of encouragement for me personally.  in ministry, i’ve learned not to expect words of affirmation for my labor as not to take credit for the glorious works God does.  so when enriching things are spoken, i take it surprisingly and humbly.  she thanked me for my commitment to the youth and for my labor and time.   she said that she’s really seen dramatic changes in her girls and even the other youth.  but i praise God more for His work in them because i know i can talk to them, with them, and influence them, chill with them, and get close to them in friendship and leadership, but ultimately, i know everything is futile without God’s working in their hearts and lives. 

so it’s nice to be acknowledged, but all glory to God.

it’s even harder to take a position in church because of our availability and long distance, but God still uses us.  i’m really excited for the youth in my church…really…i think about each one of them sometimes before i go to bed, and it’s so encouraging to see them transform and get serious in their relationship with christ. i’m hanging on to my personal hope for all of them.

in other unrelated but more sweet news, Perze called me this afternoon and said he was at Tower Records.  hahaha..  he bought me Clay’s 3rd CD that came out today… he’s so sweet to indulge me in my odd fetishes.  it’s also our sixnineteen today but we’ll be staying in for dinner cuz of our diet.

i’m proud to say that i’ve gotten down to 111 lbs. … 4 more pounds and i’ll be back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

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