train stories – 9/19/2006

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there are downs and downs when you take the train to work everyday and one of them is the schedule. njtransit never fails to charge my card at the beginning of the month but what I really want them to do is that everytime they get delayed or get delayed some more, they should at least give the money back. as the backyardigans would say, darn tootin’

whenever I take the 8:26 train to dover there is this 2000 year old lady passenger. I get so scared everytime she takes a step because i’m afraid she would fall apart. every single time she would be wearing her cardigan sweater, read her mystery book and eat her oatmeal. every now and then a train conductor would talk to her and make joke or two. she would always look stoic never flinching. I guess it just comes with age.

Today is 3319 and incidentally International Speak Like a Pirate Day.

your booty shivers me timbers … argggh.

whatever that means…

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