I Love Marchesa …

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  1. because she waits for me to go to sleep every night.
  2. because she has food ready whenever I get home.
  3. because she always has clean clothes ready for me.
  4. because she prays for me.
  5. because she is romantic.
  6. because she can cook a mean adobo, pork sinigang, among others.
  7. because she takes care of emma
  8. because she writes very well written blogs.
  9. because despite her busy schedule she finds time to help the kids.
  10. because she is Hotttt!
  11. because she allows me to send money to my parents and siblings no questions asked
  12. because she loves God more than anything else.
  13. because of her gargantuan faith.
  14. because of her passion for ministry.
  15. because emma loves her so much.
  16. because she has short hair.
  17. because she had long hair.
  18. because she plays video games with me.

… to be continued.

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