a little nostalgic

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i’m listening to zem’s disney lullabies, the ones that the capistranos burned for us.  the solo piano keys make me feel like christmas.  zem’s sitting on my lap and rubbing her eyes. she just ate the cheese sandwhich i made for her.  i flattened it very thinly, and cut it into slices so she could easily eat it. 

it feels like the beginning of fall outside and it makes me think of college days when i would be by myself.  and it doesn’t make me sad, just a little nostalgic, a little younger, with memories…

i don’t think i miss those days too much, but i liked knowing i came to know myself.  somehow, i think that’s important to me.

it’s the piano that makes me feel like christmas in august.  i’m one year older next week.  when did life come?  will i get to where i want to be, what i want to do? and not just work, but to make a difference.

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