state park at netcong

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after a little over a year, we finally went to see the state park that was near us.  yesterday, we drove five minutes, not expecting to find a really clean, family friendly expansive park that included a beach area to the lake, picnic and bbq areas, fishing areas, playgrounds, etc.  emma was sleeping when we got there, so when took her out of her car seat and walked around a bit, he woke up to the slight breeze on her badly cut hair.  as perze carried her, she looked around and birthed a huge smile that took forever to fade.  she really enjoyed being outside, seeing all the green instead of the cream sterile walls of our place.  she also winessed live birds and ducks instead of having to settle for the one dimensional images in her baby books.  we also let her feel the sand and let an adult wave pass around her baby feet. she really enjoyed it, and seeing you child with such wonder of something so simple makes you think about why as adults, we lose that wonder with something like nature.  nevertheless, here are some stills of our small visit.  the album is also included in my xanga photos, so just click around.

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also, today, emma finally picked up on how to communicate her desire for a bottle of milk.  for months now, i’vr been teaching her to motion her hand to tap her mouth 3-4 times to indicate her want for milk.  eat.giftoday, as she made her little complaintive sounds, she gave the specific motion for milk.  i gave her my hand so she could lead me just to make sure she meant milk.  she led me to the kichen, pointed to the fridge and quickly aimed her eyes to the gallon of milk.  recently, she’s quickly grown to understand the words we typically say.  she understands and complies most often times to commands, and she’s learned how to effectively communicate with us through sounds or gestures.  she even knows how to associate words that i say to pictures that she sees.

album: netcong. state park

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