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when i joined myspace, it was because the youth were getting spaces, and were asking me to join, so i did.  it was only this year that i dared to go further than the people i knew and search for people in my highschool, because out of 500 graduates, i wanted to know what my ex-classmates are doing with their lives.  i found out that a lot of the people who i assumed were gay, actually came out of the closet during college.  some people got married and already had two kids with a house, 2 cars, 1 dog, and a couple of gaming consoles like the xbox360. 

i also wanted to know if out of 500 people in my class, who stood for Christ.  there were a couple that i found to be encouragingly in that category.  but as i was adding highschool friends, i wondered what they would say if they’d see my request to add them as a friend.  i knew that they’d end up reading my page, and for some reason,  i had an uncomfortable feeling that my old close friends would roll their eyes at me for my blogs, or some that may even call me a blind fanatic, or even the dreaded-oh-no-don’t-say-it-jesus-freak-wwjd-wearing-bracelet…person. 

but after thinking about it, i figured that as much as they have the freedom and confidence to put up who they have become in life- a proud wife and mother, an angered raging buddhist (i don’t know how this works), a systems analyst for a small firm, a homosexual extrovert, a medical student, a film connoisseur, an aspiring fashion or music artist, etc…i too can be confident of who i have grown to be confident in. 

i’m proud to say i’m a wwjd-bracelet-wearing 26-turning-27 woman…just as proud as i am to say i’m a wife to my genesis 2:22 husband, and a mother to my psalm 139 daughter.  i am a 1 corinthians 4:10 woman.

after a few weeks of adding a number of my highschool friends, one of them actually messaged me this:

I was just stopping by your page to say "hi" and ending up reading some of your blogs. I must tell you that your are absolutely beautiful….of course you are a doll on the outside, but I’m talking about your spirit. Its so encouraging to see the sincerity you have towards Chirst. His light truly shines through you. He actually used you and your words of wisdom to minister to me. It’s so wonderful to know that their our people our age who love the Lord so much.
Thanks and continue to let the love of Jesus shine through you.


it was very encouraging because it was probably the last thing i thought someone would message me about my space in myspace.  goes to show that people see all sorts of things in myspace, in bloggers, and even those are tools for encouragement and inspiration.  i know not everyone reads my blogs, esp. the arduous reads, but somehow they’re out there for anyone…God uses them as He sees fit.  God, you be praised…

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