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zem is 13 months. her cousin isabel is 2 weeks. her cousin samsam is 7 months.

it’s amazing how time goes by and numbers become sort of an assessment, as if your age is in direct proportion to what you should already have done in life, or what you’ve already acquired materially, personally…

soon, i’ll be turning 27, yet i have not yet started my career as most people. but somehow i can’t complain. i can’t because i’ve really really been blessed with things in life that you can’t acquire in 4 years or 6, or seven…or by applying and working hard. i’m also not saying that others who have not yet been blessed in personal matters should be less satisfied as well. what i am saying though is that numbers can be very deceiving.

numbers most often times requires you to have due dates, pressures that most often times make you fail at taking things slow…for example, some people buy material possessions that they’re not financially responsible for yet, or some people get married so they don’t reach their 30’s still with their single status.

for perze and i, we were a bit unconventional. i was the first in my group of friends, and even my family who got married, who had a baby, and had to build a home. i’m not saying i was readily up for all those heavy tasks, but somehow God really saw in me something that he wanted to accomplish at that point in my life, and that gives me comfort. my comfort lies in the knowledge and hope that God has my life in order if i continue to obey Him…in all things, in my relationships, my marriage…etc…when i live my life according to his timeline, i won’t need the things i don’t have- a career, or a house, or my masters…

perze and i need to continue to remember that we just need to be repsonsible in the things He’s given us, and not rush into things we want in the now, just because numbers and age says it’s culture’s norm. it’s difficult to discern when we manipulate life to appease our appetites, but i believe we should bear enough strength to stop and assess if it’s God calling us or life’s numbers.

“Unless you are faithful in small matters,
you won’t be faithful in large ones.”

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