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For the longest time, I’ve been using AvantGo as my main Mobile Content Application. I really like what they’ve done with their recent upgrades especially when they give you the option in adding an RSS feed and on top of that, you can basically save up to 5 articles from that feed for later reading.

My one main gripe is the synchronization process. For the more experienced users out there, you know that if you have 20 or more channels saved in your profile, it takes literally forever to save the data. It does not only take forever but you’d have to have a 100% sync completion before you can read anything. Bottomline is that if you perform a wireless sync and you get interrupted at 99%, it’s as if you did 0%. now say that more calmly of there are over 1000+ pages you are trying to save. So annoying.

I must admit that I have my share of the problem. Since my Treo 650 has only 32 measly megabytes of storage, I rely on my 2GB SD card for most of my storage needs. Photos, videos, music, etc. That includes Avantgo synchronized files.

In this world where technology turnover happens on a split second, No! I will not be contented with slow download speeds, inefficient data transfers and very little flash storage. I want more, more, MORE!

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