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It’s been 44 months since I told her that I loved her and not a single day that passes by that I remind her and myself of it. It’s really different now that we have a daughter. We used to go out everytime we had a monthsary. I miss those days where we could just go out on a whim, drive to Sandy Cove, catch a movie, eat out and do whatever we wanted.

It has always been my fear that she gets bored of domesticity and she would just one day leave me because of it. She always tells me that I’m silly whenever I think of those things. Maybe I am silly, but a silly man can’t help but think of how he could make my wife happier today or any other day.

I love her with all that I have and am. I barely have an hour and at best two hours that I spend with her and my daughter on a weekday and as Pastor Chilton says, “That just ain’t cuttin’ it. You need time in order to build a happy marriage, and you need to spend it with your family.”

So starting today and the coming days, I hope you’ll see how much more I love you and Emma. Happy 4416 mahal.

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