Today – 8/9/2006

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Vitals: 180.4 – 106/77 – 95


  • I finally received pictures of Isabel. She is very beautiful. She looks a lot more like Tom than my sister.
  • Talked to Mark Almacen last night and basically laid out my vision regarding the core group that we talked about. We really have to get down on our knees with this one.
  • They moved our stations again because the QA Lab wouldn’t fit with the new cubes they gave us. Installed everything after lunch. There seems to be an issue with the network connectivity of the workstations. I’ll check that out tomorrow when I get back.
  • Mobile Team strategy meeting today. I still have no idea why I’m in it but this is a very good opportunity to be at a forefront of a hot technology that’s been looking for questions. I might just be able to provide a very good one.

Todays To Do List:

  • Family Altar!!!

Todays Bible Reading: Psalms 6-10

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