Today – 8/8/2006

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Vitals: 180.8 – 106/80 – 86


  • We finally moved to the 9th floor and is just stinks. Maybe because the cubes are a lot smaller than what we used to have. Now with the QA Lab right next to me, it just stinks that I can’t even do a 360 with my chair.
  • The MSU Newsletter highlighted some of the condolences in Uncle Pepe’s death. It’s sad that people are scared of technological advancements just because they can’t do the things they usually do like … pangungurakot.
  • There are a lot of things I need to do work-wise. The knowledge base that I have is so miniscule it’s not even funny.

Todays to do list:

  • Family Altar
  • Marchesa’s Resume
  • Marchesa’s Application to TCNJ
  • Call Mark

Todays Bible Verse: Psalms 1-5

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