Today – 8/7/2006

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Vitals: 181 – 117/75 – 92


  • Zen and the baby are finally home. Tatay will be staying with them until this coming friday or until they need him as he says.
  • It is Pastor Jerry Lapasana’s 10th year as a pastor this year and yesterday the BCI staff gave him a tribute that left him speechless and teary-eyed.
  • The Eagles lost their first pre-season game but McNabb looked pretty sharp. Defense forced a turnover and the Offense scored pretty quick and efficiently. McNabb and Westbrook were flawless on that drive. Akers drilled a 55 yarder which pretty much shows how he has recovered from that injury last season. The second stringers still stink with Garcia at the helm. I’m starting to think it’s the play calling.Were gonna have a good season this year
  • I need to look for some Bible Study materials for Wendell. I’ll checkout what Lifeway has available.

Todays To Do List:

  • Family Altar
  • Marchesa’s Resume

Todays Bible Reading: Ephesians 4-6

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