Train Stories – 8/4/2006 Edition

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They’re not really oddities nor as much drama as the one I posted yesterday. These are merely observations and annoyances if I can put it that way.


Alright, this guy has been watching sitcoms the whole time. First it was Friends, then Who’s the Boss and I think right now it’s Golden girls. On a reality check, this guy’s socks stink! Man alive! He would lift his leg take his shoes off and try to adjust it or somethingl. Everytime he does it, a waft of nastiness fills the air.


It’s not about the girl, it’s about the bag. I don’t know if you’ll be able to see through her bag but the design in it is so crazy intricate. It looked like a garden of Fleur-de-Lizs’.


Now this guy takes the cake. If you’ll notice that plastic bag right next to him, it contains something smelly, it has some sort of very strong-herbish-mint-rotting-socks kinda smell and he is EATING! whatever it is. Ugh I have such a headache now.

Thank God it’s friday!!!

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