Train (Double) Crossing

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On my way to work, I was on a three-seater at the front of the train. I always take the window seat because it can give you the most comfortable position. By the time we reached South Orange, the train was already packed.

The person that sat right next to me was a girl who happens to be on the phone and trying to break up with her boyfriend. You hear the usual “No it’s not you, It’s me”, “I just need a little space”, and the classic “No, there’s no one else. I just need to focus on my job”. At one point she almost screamed at the phone. People at the train was just eyeballing each other giving half smiles and raised eyebrows.


She finally decided to kill the conversation with “Don’t be like that. I’m never coming back if you talk like that.” Five minutes later, the phone rang and with the sweetest voice, greets the caller and tells the person on the other side that she will be at the office in twenty minutes. Calls the person by name, and discusses a little of what she needs to do during the day and ends up with the question … “I’ll see you tonight right?”.

The guy on her left suddenly let out a very controlled two syllable laugh ala Nelson Muntz. Then covered his face with the Binomial Theorem book that he was reading.

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