Today – 08/03/2006

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Vitals: 182.4 – 118/92 – 82


  • Emma was so cute yesterday. She was very playful.
  • I got the chance to talk to Zen and Milfe last night. I was getting frustrated with the way Philippine Hospitals are handling the baby situation. No one can enter the nursery except the Mom. But my sister won’t be able to anyway because of the fact that she can’t even stand due to her c-section wound.
  • Isabel has jaundice. Please pray for her recovery
  • So Jake is not coming home after all
  • I was formally introduced as a member of the NYT Mobile Team
  • Upgraded the Movable Type Engine of the to version 3.31. I had a little issue with the stylecatcher plugin in the beginning but that was fixed after a refresh.

Todays To Do List:

  • Family Altar
  • Follow up with Eugene Tayam Regarding Padala
  • Return Marchesa’s Camera

Today’s Bible Reading: Job 40-42

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